Webinars part 2

Office work involves countless meetings and conferences. During these times, there will be several presentations shown using a projector or wide television screens. If the presentations are longer that usual, lunch and snacks will be served, and you will not be able to do anything else during the rest of the day. There will be times when you have to be the presenter yourself and following up your attendees will be a nightmare especially if it involves sales.

Good thing there is a new technology called Webinar. This involves doing a conference or presentation using the computer, webcam and your internet. It is becoming popular because of the advantages you get by using the Webinar. Instead of having to travel for your presentation, you can just sit down in front of your computer and present it online. There will be no transportation cost, no food expense and no time wasted going around.

How to Create a Webinar

It is very easy to learn how to create a Webinar. The first thing you have to do is register by simply filling out a form. A set up will only take two minutes of your time. After you are registered, you will be capable of logging on to your account. Once logged in, the first step is to schedule your webinar. You need to fill in some details, and GoToWebinar will automatically create your invitation and registration. You can then invite people to your webinar by also filling up a form. Scheduling also involves the set up of date and time for automatic reminders that will be sent out to your targeted audience via a reminder email. Next, is preparing for the webinar event. When your audiences register, you will be able to monitor their response during this step in creating a webinar. This will help you know more about your registrants so that you can prepare your presentation well. After doing your presentation, you will have the chance to practice it before the actual date and time.

During the presentation, you will see a control panel wherein you can monitor each attendee and at the same time engage in communication with them using the computer’s mic and speakers or simply by calling in. While viewing your presentation, attendees also get the chance to raise their hands or ask questions regarding what they see on their monitor. You can also do quick polls to ensure that your audience will not get bored and watch your presentation carefully. After, you will be able to see immediate response and results. You can even generate reports so that you will know whom to follow up later.

By knowing how to create a webinar, you can stay ahead of everyone and keep track on your success. It is cost effective and will make you more productive since no time is being wasted on unnecessary things. To know more about using the webinar, simply do a quick Google search.It is likely for almost everyone to create a webinar that dazzles participants. When planning goes into the proposition, meetings, seminars, and even inter-company collaborative efforts can all be pulled off with ease.

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