How a blog can help your business

A blog should be at the heart of your internet business so here are some blogging tips for online marketing success that you should be noting and adopting for your use. Remember, for reaching your target audience and interacting with them quickly through a search engine friendly platform that is content rich; a blog is a great option to use.

So what should you be doing to ensure your blog is an effective part of your internet business and how do you know that your blog is progressing along the right lines? Firstly, it is so important to establish a routine that will have you posting on a regular basis. There is no point in writing a flurry of blog posts than doing nothing for a month or so. The simple key to success with a blog is to ensure that you post on a regular basis. The target to aim for is at least three posts per week and if you can write and publish one every day then even better. The more often a new post is published, the more frequently will the search engines visit the blog and index the new content.

Before you excitedly start to write and publish posts, you need to have clearly defined who you are creating all this content for and for what purpose. It is of vital importance to undertake the necessary research into the characteristics of your target niche market before you start to build your blog. It is crucial not to deviate from this when you are writing and publishing posts.

The quality of writing is crucial to ensure that you have repeat visitors. If what you write is on topic, interesting, useful and valuable to your audience then they will most likely return on a regular basis to find more valuable information to help and assist them. Make sure all posts are well written and try to create your personality and voice in your post to distinguish you from others in the niche.

So how do you know that your online marketing blog is starting to be successful? Look for an increasing of daily visitors and the number of page views. You can use a plugin which will display such information and statistics about visitor numbers, where they came from, what keywords used etc. Also look out for an increasing number of comments on your blog posts. To encourage this, ask for comments, write blog posts that pose questions or give opinions that that can then be commented upon.

Over time the target is to achieve a regular flow of new inbound links. This can be undertaken through adopting a back link strategy, and this involves regular blog posting, article writing, and publishing, creating online videos, issuing press releases plus also active participation in targeted online group and forums. Whatever you do, ensure that there is a call to action to inform the reader or viewer that your blog exists and the further similar information is available on it.

Just remember that while you are learning how to use a blog for an internet business, results will be seen not from undertaking a sprint but from consistent effort undertaken over a period. By doing a small amount of work every day, you will be amazed just how fast your blog progresses, the number of posts written, comments made and backlinks created.

How Can you Beat Out The Competition?

Even with the incredibly high rates of new blogs every day, the number of blogs in your particular niche may or may not be high. If you are one of the first, then take that opportunity and run with it. Just think of how many people you can win over to your business by just your blog? If you are the first in your industry, just imagine the kind of traffic you can get!


But what can you do if you are just going to join the group of the rapidly increasing bloggers in your area? Don’t fall into the rhythm and get lost in the crowd. This can be too easy to do. Instead, you have to make your blog stand out from all the others and become a leader in the blogging world. Just because there are a lot of fish in the sea doesn’t mean you can’t stand out.


There are many different ways that you can help your business make money on the internet through blogging. If you haven’t started, it isn’t too late! And you shouldn’t feel like you are just getting on the bandwagon. Each blog is unique and individual, and you get to receive all sorts of different benefits if you learn what you can about blogging and then do it well.


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