Quality over Quantity

Forget mass production of promotional content and parched press releases; prospect clients have wised up! As such, provide them with quality content they can actively engage with. Currently, content marketing seems to have become the ‘it’ marketing phrase on everyone’s mouth; so why the fuss? What is the significance?

Why is good quality content important?

Quality content is a significant aspect in the general success of a website particularly since it aids in customer retention and boosts the overall ranking of search engines. Not to downplay the importance of the website design; since it is what entices your visitor, but the good and quality content is what always brings them back.

Key search engines and in particular, Google, have precise conditions a website should fulfill particularly with respect to content; failure of your website to attain the level of quality content mandated, the website gets low ranking-it is not about the appearance but rather the content of the website.

Diverse and Original Content

It is vital to understand that for individuals to constantly visit your website, a reason to inspire them to do so is key. The time people spend on-line is limited and as such, it is important for you to provide the visitors with something solid and captivating to lure them away from Instagram or Facebook just for some minutes to get a glimpse at your website and what it is offering.

Having this in mind, it is also important to not only have original content but one that is varied and frequently so. How? To lure visitors to your site on a frequent basis. As for how frequently the content ought to vary, the answer is dependent on the website type. Nonetheless, in general, Content should be varied and as frequently as you can. Of course for new sites, the frequency is more as compared to others, but the frequency still needs to be often.

Moreover, for sites that remain dormant in an aspect of content diversity, Google has particular penalties to deal with them; which reiterates the importance of diversity and originality.

Meta Data and Titles

Formerly, the use of Meta data and page tittles in the form of provisions such as description tags and common keywords was the most popular way websites used in encouraging Google to give them a higher ranking; and for some time, the idea seemed to work wonders. Why? Somehow, search engines were dependent on content characterized by such special tags because it provided them ease in processing pages.

Nonetheless, with constant technological evolvement, search engines are equipped with algorithms that effectively evaluate all content from a site and subsequently disregard Meta tags when ranking pages. Even with this, however, Title pages still hold relevance in identifying the content of web pages.


The key to SEO success is Keywords. To boost your SEO ranking, it is vital you identify the keywords your prospect customer searches are based on. Moreover, to verify the underlying theme of a site, search engines use keywords. Applying the precise keywords is the one-way ticket to search engine ranking success; nonetheless, take precautions! You want to avoid ‘keyword stuffing’ (overuse of these words) particularly rampant with older sites which result in penalties.

How then do you generate such content?

Now that the importance of quality content has been cemented in your mind, how do you go about coming up with the content? Of course, the first option is to individually draft it; and if you are okay with it, the better since it is cheaper than any other means.

Nevertheless, if you are short of time or just lack the creativity, you can settle for a qualified copywriter. His/her task in this is to identify all major aspects required for your site and subsequently produce a quality well-articulated article with everything in position inclusive of the best keywords.

In a nutshell: Always keep in mind one thing, the principal reason for content is revenue generation; both personal and for the business. Your website should be a live and breathing emblem that constantly evolves and develops, mirroring your business’ dynamic characteristic….So what are you waiting for? Get writing!

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